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An eclectic bunch of Australian winemakers to take the UK by storm

Vasse Felix vineyard, CowaramupVasse Felix vineyard, Cowaramup

Following the heatwave and holidays, the UK wine trade springs back to life in September, with a month-long series of Australian wine events.

"It’s incredible to have such a talented group of winemakers and principals visit the UK to tell stories about the people, the places and processes that make Australian wine unique."

Laura Jewell MW, Wine Australia’s Regional General Manager EMEA

The Australians will take the UK by storm this September, as more than 60 winemakers, winery owners and principals touch down for a bumper month of activity. The producers will be sharing their wines - and their stories - with both trade and consumers at events across the country.

Don’t miss Off the Vine on 20 September, the first-ever wine tasting at The Steel Yard. Set under the railway arches of London’s Cannon Street station, this trade event will showcase the new, the bold and the extraordinary. 36 pioneering winemakers will unveil the new wave of Australian wine, including alternative varieties, exciting new styles and wines with little or no intervention.

Winemakers and winery owners hitting the UK from Western Australia include Virginia Willcock (Vasse Felix), Elizabeth Reed (Flor Marché), Nic Peterkin (LAS Vino), and Julian Grounds (McHenry-Hohnen). The full list of visiting producers is here.

The month-long series of events will demonstrate what makes Australian wine exciting and unique. Everyone – trade, enthusiasts, novices – will have the opportunity to experience both new and legendary Australian wines.

Wine Australia’s Regional General Manager EMEA, Laura Jewell MW, is looking forward to welcoming the large contingent of Australians. Laura Jewell MW said:

"The Australian wine landscape is more exciting than ever and now is the time to challenge preconceptions and show the exceptional quality and diversity of Australian wine. It’s incredible to have such a talented group of winemakers and principals visit the UK to tell stories about the people, the places and processes that make Australian wine unique."

After visiting the UK, 27 of the winemakers will head to Denmark for Wine Australia’s Made our Way event on 24 September and some will continue on to Norway, Sweden and Finland for the Nordic Roadshow between 27 September – 3 October.

Upcoming Wine Australia events:

20 September: Off the Vine

Australian wine in the UK

More Australian wine is shipped to the UK than any other destination and exports continue to grow. For the year ended June 2018, exports to the UK increased by 12 per cent in both value and volume, to AUD $384 million and 246 million litres.

Australia is number one in the UK off-trade, up by 3 per cent in value to £1.2 million (IRI Worldwide). Australia is number three in the UK on-trade, behind France and Italy.

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