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Western Australia is one of the most diverse resource regions in the world, with more than 50 mineral and petroleum products being produced in commercial quantities. In 2015, Western Australia was recognised by Canada’s Fraser Institute as the world’s leading mining investment destination due to the strength, resilience and competitiveness of our resources industry.

Global leader in minerals and petroleum production

The State leads Australia in minerals and petroleum output and produces a significant proportion of the world’s trade in several key commodities including iron ore, liquefied natural gas, gold, diamonds, alumina and nickel. 

Government and industry have invested heavily over the last decade to develop an extensive infrastructure network including ports, industrial land, rail and transport links to support industry growth, particularly in the Pilbara region. Critical infrastructure links have helped improve supply chain efficiencies and drive lower productivity across key commodities, particularly iron ore.

Our capital city, Perth, is home to a world-leading Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) industry and the largest concentration of resources and METS companies in Australia. Coupled with cutting edge research and technological development and industry-driven centres of excellence, proponents have direct access to global supply chains and technology driving innovation and new investment across the sector.


Investment opportunities

Exciting mineral discoveries continue to be made in Western Australia with more than 80% of the State classified as greenfields. Opportunities exist for proponents to invest in new exploration activities across numerous commodities. To support new greenfield exploration, the government has established an Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS). Funding from the EIS may be available to support new private sector resource exploration. 

Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS)
Western Australia accounts for more than 25% of the A$90 billion Australian mining equipment and technology support services industry. Growth opportunities exist for technology development and the creation of new processes, services and products.
For more information about the METS industry read the CSIRO Executive Summary here.

Rare Earth Elements and Lithium
Western Australia is well-placed to help meet a forecast global shortage of key rare earths. Western Australia has a number of highly prospective light and heavy rare earths projects under evaluation. Rare earth explorers in Western Australia are conducting feasibility studies or are in advanced exploration for zircon/niobium, uranium and lithium.

Opportunities may include new exploration, farm-in agreements, lithium and rare earths processing and research and development.

Downstream value-added products
As a global resources hub, the State continues to investigate options to expand downstream processing to add to existing value-added products it delivers to international and local markets.

The state is seeking investment in a range of value-added products including nickel, alumina and fused alumina, titanium dioxide pigment, synthetic rutile, gold, fused zirconia, copper cathode, tantalum and tin.

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