The Government of Western Australia’s London office (WAGO) is proud to work together with organisations across WA and Europe, UK and Israel.

Government of WA’s Virtual Trade Mission for London Tech Week 2020

CLIENT Virtual Trade Mission to London for WA tech companies

With the global pandemic preventing face-to-face meetings and travel, the Government of Western Australia partnered with Anglo-Australian tech firm Newfound to lead a virtual trade mission to the United Kingdom over 15-17 September, timed to align with the annual London Tech Week.

Team WA shows the world what makes Western Australia a global energy hub


The Government of Western Australia’s London office (WAGO), together with NERA (National Energy Resources Australia), led a major collaborative effort at ‘Offshore Europe 2019’ in Aberdeen to deliver a high-profile exhibition pavilion stand that showcased the state of Western Australia and its global status as a leading energy hub.

Western Australian Augmented Reality makes safety education fun

CLIENT DSBS and Constable Care Child Safety Foundation

In 2017 Arility was established as a joint venture partnership between DSBS and Constable Care Child Safety Foundation in Western Australia. Arility provides an augmented reality learning platform that takes community organisation’s safety education content and makes it engaging, accessible and measurable using augmented reality. With WAGO’s assistance Arility reached out beyond WA’s borders to […]

Western Australia teams up with UK’s Satellite Applications Catapult in the global space race

CLIENT The Satellite Applications Catapult

There is a renewed focus on astronomy and space science in the public consciousness and the global space industry is undergoing a rapid reinvention expected to reach US$1.1 trillion by 2040 according to Morgan Stanley. Space-based data is revolutionising Western Australia’s key sectors mining, oil and gas, defence and agriculture with its many applications, including […]