Western Australian Augmented Reality makes safety education fun

In 2017 Arility was established as a joint venture partnership between DSBS and Constable Care Child Safety Foundation in Western Australia. Arility provides an augmented reality learning platform that takes community organisation’s safety education content and makes it engaging, accessible and measurable using augmented reality. With WAGO’s assistance Arility reached out beyond WA’s borders to push their augmented reality product on a global scale.


DSBS and Constable Care Child Safety Foundation

The Challenge

The challenge for Arility was to push their innovative augmented reality product beyond Western Australia’s border on a global scale.

The Outcome

The WAGO office in London set up a few lucrative meetings for Arility and enabled them to do demos at Australia House to showcase their innovation as well as providing a base in London to convene important meetings.

Arility is an augmented reality safety education platform aimed at school age children. The children get engaged, educated and measured through really cool AR on their tabletop.

Arility provides a sustainable method for teachers to use trusted content and intuitive lessons with miniscule preparation to teach children about road safety. 

DSBS and Constable Care Child Safety Foundation were at a stage where they wanted to launch their Arility product in the UK and as such made a physical trip over to see if they could establish a bridgehead in Europe. Their business development model needed them to identify potential government agencies and community partners who could use Arility as a means of engaging their audience.

The introductions made by WAGO and the professional setting provided were crucial in giving a good impression amongst those organisations in the UK. WAGO also helped in a follow up trip when DSBS and the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation attended a major European education conference, by providing more introductions and invitations to key local events they would never otherwise have known about.

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