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The Smart and Sustainable Cities Revolution: Western Australia

Charlotta Kemp by Charlotta Kemp,

The East Village at Knutsford in Western Australia is arising as a southern hemisphere star in the global smart and sustainable cities revolution.

In Focus: Scott Hallsworth, Freakscene

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Born and bred in small town Collie in Western Australia, Scott Hallsworth tells us about being paid in fried rice, Japanese junk food, and the beauty of not being too serious.

In Focus: Dr Kath Giles, CEO and MD of OncoRes Medical

Charlotta Kemp by Charlotta Kemp,

She’s been working as a doctor in theatre, is a former Investment Manager, and most recently pitched at Prince Andrew’s Pitch@Palace event in London in her role as CEO and MD for OncoRes Medical. And won the prestigious award. We talked to the woman who showed the world that WA is a place where revolutionary med tech is born.

Perth ranked hottest city destination in 2019

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Here are five reasons why the Brits should make their way to the hottest city destination of 2019: Perth in Western Australia.

WA Women in Blockchain: Ruth Hatherley

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Moneycatcha has reduced the end to end loan processing time from 42 days to 90 minutes through blockchain technology. With the company being from WA we felt we had to talk to their CEO and Founder Ruth Hatherley.

WA Women in Blockchain: Jemma Green, Power Ledger

Charlotta Kemp by Charlotta Kemp,

Jemma Green claimed top honours at Sir Richard Branson’s 2018 Extreme Tech Challenge and she created a blockchain marketplace for renewable energy. Needless to say – we were drawn to talk to Power Ledger’s female Founder.

WA forges its place in the space race

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There is a renewed focus on astronomy and space science in the public consciousness.

In Focus: Ivor Gaylard, co-founder of SWAN Systems

Charlotta Kemp by Charlotta Kemp,

WA startup SWAN Systems co-founder Ivor Gaylard gives us his top tips for entering international markets.

Ten WA experiences that will blow your mind

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With Qantas’ new direct flights between London and Perth, Western Australia is closer to Europe than ever before. Whether you are a foodie, wine connoisseur, adventurer, family traveller, backpacker, eco-tourist, snorkeler, animal lover, or simply fancy the sunshine on offer Western Australia has something to offer you.

The battery revolution starts in Western Australia

Joe Doleschal-Ridnell by Joe Doleschal-Ridnell,

WA is the only jurisdiction in the world with the capability to produce all materials used in the production of cathodes and anodes for lithium-ion batteries.

Create Something Awesome: Spacecubed (and now Flux)

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With two locations in Perth’s CBD, Spacecubed and Flux provide excellent coworking spaces founded by Brodie McCulloch, Managing Director.

The Future of Building: the Robot Bricklayer

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Western Australian innovation set to change the building sector on a global scale.

State of Innovation

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Western Australia is becoming an innovation centre to watch.