Choose life:
Perth – one of the world’s most liveable cities

 “The capital of Western Australia, where some 1.8 of the state’s two million residents live, left this New Yorker mesmerized: Could a city really be so easy, breezy, green and pristine — so positively livable?” (NY Times 2014)

Perth might not be as big and brash as its eastern Australian counterparts, but what it lacks in attitude, it makes up with one of the most relaxed high quality lifestyles on offer and its economic strength as one of the world’s mining and oil and gas hubs.

Situated on the glistening shores of the Indian Ocean and surrounded by nature, Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital city, with more than 300 days of sunshine each year, a warm Mediterranean climate and 70kms of white sand beaches as far as the eye can see.

With a growing population of more than 2 million people, Perth offers all the career opportunities, entertainment and conveniences expected of a modern metropolis while still retaining the laid-back character and human scale that have earned Perth its status as one of the ten most liveable cities in the world since 2004.

Choose life. Choose Perth.

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