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Clean, green, premium-quality food

Western Australia has one of the most innovative and successful agriculture and food (agrifood) sectors in the world, with its agrifood exports reaching A$7.2 billion in 2014-15.

With an increasing global population and growing demand for agrifood products, Western Australia is in a position to build on its reputation as a clean and green state and a reliable supplier of premium-quality food for domestic and international markets. As one of the most pest and disease free agricultural production areas in the world, Western Australia’s enviable biosecurity status ensures access for agrifood products to high-value markets. This is of critical importance in the competitive global agricultural marketplace.

Western Australia’s agrifood sector exports about 80% of its agricultural production. Its location puts it in broadly the same time zone as 60% of the world's population – making it primed to meet the growing demand for food from Asia and the Middle East and to further develop seasonal market opportunities in the northern hemisphere.

Western Australia’s agrifood sector has developed the experience and capabilities to understand the specific needs of international importers and consumers. State agrifood businesses, with their reputation for quality produce are already making major inroads into international markets. Companies from production, storage, transport and manufacturing deliver the premium products global markets demand.

Vineyard HarveyVineyard Harvey

‘A key priority is to work with industry to attract investment into the State’s agrifood industry areas’

A key priority for the Western Australian State Government, through the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA), is to work with industry to attract investment into the state’s agrifood industry areas (livestock, grains, horticulture) to expand production and exports, in line with the government’s goal of doubling the value of the agrifood sector by 2025.

DAFWA works to identify and develop international market opportunities for these businesses and attract investment into WA. Working in collaboration with its overseas offices, DAFWA is further developing emerging markets as well as identifying and removing trade barriers to boost export performance. 

The Government of Western Australia’s European Office is here to assist European businesses interested in investing in Western Australia’s agrifood sector. The office can assist in liaising with the relevant Western Australian industry groups and government authorities to help ensure European businesses are well-informed about investment opportunities in the state.

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