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On the brink of the unmanned aerial revolution

Airobotics droneAirobotics drone

Sky is the limit for Israeli company Airobotics as they enter the Australian market and begin a fruitful journey in a land far away from home.

"South32’s attitude to technology is impressive and all levels are fully on-board to make this pilot a success. We are working with top-notch people, both on the corporate level and on-site."

Ran Krauss, CEO and Co-Founder of Airobotics

A few years ago, Airobotics set out to develop an automated drone that was self-sufficient, completely automatic and permanently on-site for 24/7 availability.

The resulting product was a drone-in-a-box type system: an industrial drone built to withstand rough conditions while flying, and then house itself in a robust docking station to protect it and complete any necessary servicing.

A drone is an aircraft without a human pilot on board that is flown by remote control. The US military first used an unmanned aerial vehicle for missions in the late 1950s; today they are driving innovation across business from covering live sport events to Amazon delivering small packages.

What makes Airobotics’ drone unique is that the entire operation is automated. Both the drones and their docking stations are fully automated, meaning no human intervention is required for the drone usage including deployment, flight, landing, battery changing, and data gathering and transmission.  The drones are also crash protected through a unique Parazero pyrotechnic parachute system.

Airobotics recently won a contract with mining company South32 under which it will conduct programmed missions including surveying, mapping and inspecting equipment at its Worsley Alumina operations in Western Australia.

“South32’s attitude to technology is impressive and all levels are fully on-board to make this pilot a success. We are working with top-notch people, both on the corporate level and on-site,” said Ran Krauss, CEO and Co-Founder of Airobotics. 

Australia is the first international market for Airobotics who are hoping to expand their operations to additional sites and assist mining companies keen to adopt their automated drone solution.

“Where we see ourselves adding most value on the Australian market is to its complex oil and gas, mining and sea ports industries. These sectors all benefit from harnessing aerial insights for surveying and mapping, inspection and security and emergency response applications.”

The Government of Western Australia’s Europe office assisted Airobotics in accessing the Australian market successfully in multiple ways. Agent General John Atkins visited Airobotics during his Israel trip in July last year and provided the company with key connections, visas process information, as well as finding business partners, lawyers and financial connections in Western Australia.

Check out Airobotics CEO Ran Krauss TEDx talk in Tel Aviv here.

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