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Business migration to Western Australia


The Western Australian Government welcomes business migrants, who are recognised and valued for their contribution to the State’s economy, employment and cultural diversity.

A state of opportunity

Prospective business migrants must first be nominated by a state or territory government before they can lodge an application for a business visa with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

In Western Australia the Small Business Development Corporation is responsible for approving State nomination on behalf of the Government.

The majority of business migrants first enter Western Australia on a four year provisional business visa. After successfully managing a business or investing here, they may then be eligible to apply for a permanent business visa.

For more information on business migration:

Prospective business migrants and their agents are encouraged to visit the Western Australian Government Business Migration website to conduct a self-assessment against the available business visa categories and to lodge an application for state nomination.

Successful business owners and investors, who are already involved in a business or investment in Western Australia, may also qualify for other visas listed on the business migration website.

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