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Little Creatures Pops Up in London


Don't miss out on Western Australia's own - Little Creatures, at their London pop up bar in Lost Rivers Elephant, Elephant and Castle. 

A huge shed (and former crocodile farm) on the water’s edge in Fremantle is the home of this iconic Western Australian beer and the birthplace of Little Creatures Brewing.

The iconic Western Australian beer brand, Little Creatures has come to London for the summer! The pop up bar has opened its doors at a great venue in Elephant and Castle, so whether you’re missing a favourite from home or want to try something new, head over to Lost Rivers Elephant for a taste of great Aussie beer. 

Lost Rivers Elephant is an entertainment space located in the heart of Elephant and Castle. Constructed from recycled shipping containers this versatile, split level venue is truly a unique place to enjoy the best live bands, DJ’s, art, comedy, urban theatre and right now… Little Creatures!

The bar is well stocked with all of your favourite editions of the great pale ale on tap, as well as bottles on the ready. There’s a great variety of bar food on the menu to enjoy while you listen to some great live performances, soak up the remaining London sunshine and mingle with your fellow Little Creatures fans.

To top this all off, the pop up is holding weely ‘’Sunday Sessions.'' Head over to Lost Rivers Elephant from 12pm every Sunday for new and exciting live entertainment, great music, a free barbecue, food stalls and of course, some of the world’s best craft beer!

Keep an eye on the Little Creatures UK Facebook page for further information on the ‘’Sunday Sessions’’ and other upcoming events.

It is fantastic to see Westen Australian companies making their mark over in the UK, our State has a lot to offer the world.

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A great spot for after work drinks and weekends with friends!