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Living in the regions


Equivalent in size to the whole of Western Europe, Western Australia offers a vast and diverse range of options outside of the capital city Perth for which to live, work, study or invest. From sparsely populated tropical paradises in the far north, mining towns in the Outback to charming beach towns and cities in the state’s more Mediterranean south, there really is something for everyone in regional Western Australia. 

A peaceful and relaxed lifestyle

Living in one of Western Australia’s nine regions brings you closer to nature and offers a more relaxed way of life.

Regional Western Australia’s towns and cities are popular due to the peaceful and affordable lifestyle matched with services, infrastructure, shopping and entertainment. All with easy road, rail or air links to Perth.

New migrants will typically find that regional towns and cities are very community minded and great places to raise a family in a safe and welcoming environment with excellent schools, health care and affordable housing.

The huge size of Western Australia means that regional towns and cities often act as commercial hubs for their regions, meaning a wide variety of employment opportunities can be found. 

And a long-term focus on regional development by government and business has built strong and vibrant regional communities with world class infrastructure. 

If you prefer a more relaxed pace of living, regional Western Australia might just be for you.

Our regions and key centres are:

Gascoyne > Carnarvon
Goldfields – Esperance > Kalgoorlie and Esperance
Great Southern > Albany
Kimberley > Broome and Kununurra
Mid-West > Geraldton
Peel > Mandurah
Pilbara > Karratha and Port Hedland
South WestBunbury and Busselton
Wheatbelt > Northam 

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