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London Calling - WA startups listen up

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With summer around the corner, London is getting ready to turn into the hottest innovation hub on the planet to unite tech and talent.

The craze is called London Tech Week, one of the world’s biggest technology conferences, and the festival to attend this year.

Between 10 and 14 June this year, over 300 tech events will be thrown across the buzzing metropolis London attracting more than 70 international delegations and 40,000 tech savvy attendees. 

The craze is called London Tech Week, one of the world’s biggest technology conferences, and the tech festival to attend this year.

WA startups – look here

If your startup is ready or soon to be ready for global expansion, and looking at the UK and Europe as potential markets to enter, then please continue to read.

The Government of Western Australia will provide funding for up to five WA startups to join the Startup Catalyst London Tech Week mission.  

Please be quick as the applications close on Friday 10th of May, click here to access the registration.

Note that the Startup Catalyst London Tech Week mission is open to anyone to attend, so even if your company won’t be one of the five successful candidates for WA government support, it is still a worthwhile mission to join.  Click here to access all Startup Catalyst missions. 

Why London?

The UK and London continue to dominate the European tech investment landscape, with the latest figures revealing Britain’s tech sector attracted more venture capital investment and tech IPOs than any other European hub in 2018. According to London & Partners, London’s tech companies received £1.8 billion venture capital funding of the total £2.49 billion raised by British tech firms.

London Tech Week is the best time of the year to be in the UK to leverage the opportunities and connections, at a time when every hub, investor, startup program and corporate have their doors open and welcome conversations with international startups.

How the WA Government’s London office can assist

Finally, a few words on how the WA Government’s London office can assist your business with international growth.

WA tech startups can use the London office as a launching pad for entering the UK, European and Israeli markets. Our office has knowledge on the tech sector and the broader economic opportunities in the UK, Europe and Israel region.

We see the facilitation of international growth for WA companies ultimately leading to flow-on benefits for Western Australia – such as enhanced recognition for WA as a centre for tech and the creation of more jobs in their Australian offices.

For more information please contact Trade and Investment Manager Charlotta Andresson on

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