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Oil, gas and energy


With some of the world’s biggest LNG developments and the largest concentration of global oil and gas companies in Australia, Western Australia has established itself as a global energy solutions centre of excellence. 

Mutually beneficial opportunities

The City of Perth is the only Australian member of the World Energy Cities Partnership and is committed to knowledge sharing and partnerships in energy-related activities, as well as exploring mutually beneficial opportunities in a range of strategic areas, such as energy-related and environmental technologies.

Major companies including, Chevron, GE Oil & Gas and Shell have chosen to base major research and development centres in Perth, leveraging off the proximity of major projects and the presence of a skilled and experienced workforce.

Western Australia’s academic sector is also working with government, industry associations and operating companies to address industry challenges and develop advanced technologies and innovative solutions. Perth also hosts a number of national research and development centres delivering new solutions-based technologies to the sector.

With an active international Petroleum, Equipment and Technology sector, Western Australian companies are well recognised throughout Europe for their innovative and quality energy solutions.

Western Australian research has led to breakthroughs in new, world-leading green technologies, particularly in wave energy. 

The Western Australian Government European Office provides advice and support to companies seeking to develop bi-lateral trade opportunities between Western Australian and UK and European companies.

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Department of Mines and Petroleum >
Department of State Development >
Western Australian Energy Research Alliance >
National Energy Resources Australia >
Landcorp - Western Australia’s land development agency >
Australian Marine Complex >
Australia Renewable Energy National Agency >

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