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The London based office represents the Government of Western Australia, to stimulate long-term growth in Western Australian trade and investment by promoting Western Australia and developing mutually beneficial relationships across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Promote trade and investment by raising awareness and recognition of Western Australia as:

  • a dynamic and competitive environment; 
  • an innovative science and knowledge hub;
  • a base to service Asia Pacific and the Indian Ocean Rim; and
  • an attractive place to work, live and study.

Attract investment and trade development in specific disciplines:

  • mineral resources, oil and gas, METS, marine engineering and associated industry sectors;
  • agriculture, food and beverage;
  • science, innovation and technology; and
  • infrastructure.

Diplomatic, commercial and cultural representation on behalf of the Government of Western Australia.

Monitor, research and advise on issues of significance to Western Australia.

Attract skilled migrants and international students by supporting the London-based activities of the Department of Training and Workforce Development and Department of Health, Western Australia.