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EIU 2016: Perth, 7th most liveable city in the World

Video courtesy of Tourism WA

Perth's healthcare and infrastructure were two winning attributes that boosted the city up the rankings.

7th most liveable city in the world!

Perth is famous for its relaxed family friendly lifestyle and spectacular beaches, but this year, perfect ratings for the city's health provision, education and infrastructure have pushed the city up the global rankings in the latest liveability survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

The city has been entrenched in the top ten most liveable cities list since 2004 and this year rates as Perth's best result, ranking 7 of 140 cities surveyed.

The EIU ranks cities around the world on stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure and is an influential guide for prospective migrants and global countries about where to relocate.

The higher ranking can be seen to reflect the significant investment in Perth's infrastructure and transformation that have taken place over recent years as the city has grown into a vibrant metropolis of over 2 million people.

Of course, as one of Australia's fastest growing cities, the survey result just confirms what many people already know, and that is Perth makes for a fantastic place to live, work and play.

To read more about Perths' rise up the rankings visit Perth Now.

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