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Project Investment Opportunities – Western Australia 

New Museum view from James Street (c) WA Museum, image courtesy Multiplex, HASSELL+OMANew Museum view from James Street (c) WA Museum, image courtesy Multiplex, HASSELL+OMA

With this page we intend to make the project opportunities in Western Australia visible for international companies keen to invest and set up their business in the state. 

Companies that are adding economic benefits to WA by employing local people and using local sub-contractors are going to be in a better position to win government contracts.

WA Industry Link

On Friday 16 March, Premier Mark McGowan launched WA Industry Link – a WA Jobs initiative to help local businesses secure work on State Government contracts.

Nine pilot projects have been identified for inclusions as part of the WA Industry Link initiative, including the METRONET Railcar Procurement, the New Museum Project and Port of Port Hedland Berth 3 Deck Replacement.

Message to international investors

Companies that are adding economic benefits to Western Australia by employing local people, using local sub-contractors and creating additional economic benefits to the state are going to be in a better position to win government contracts moving forward.

The Participation Plan requirement will be weighted at a percentage of the qualitative evaluation on all government contracts that the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) relates to. 

Hence, in addition to strong commercial and technical bids, a strong commitment to local content will benefit potential investors/bidders. To any interested prime contractor looking at bidding on government contracts, a recommended step is to work together with the Industry Link Advisory Service (ILAS).

Contact Details

Industry Link Advisory Service
Ph: +61 8 9222 0722

WA Innovation Community – Opportunities 

Companies looking for opportunities for investment and growth in Western Australia’s innovation community can find a selection of investment pitches, awards, programs and grants available at the New Industries WA website

Other Tender Opportunities websites

Tenders WA
Centre for Defence Industry Capability
Local Government


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