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Offshore Europe 2017 Aberdeen

OE standOE stand

In early September we showcased Western Australia's oil and gas sector at Offshore Europe in Aberdeen.

The focus of our presence at Offshore Europe is to promote Western Australia as a destination for trade and investment by highlighting the growth opportunities available in the oil and gas sector.

The Government of Western Australia’s European Office exhibits bi-annually at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Offshore Europe Exhibition and Conference. More than 35,000 people attended Offshore Europe 2017, held at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre from September 5-8.

Offshore Europe is recognised by offshore engineering and petroleum (E & P) professionals as Europe’s leading E & P event. Attending this event ensures you are up to date with the most significant technologies and can connect with global networks.

The stand was co-shared between:
•   Government of Western Australia’s European Office
•    Curtin University
•    The Australian Marine Complex 
•    City of Perth
•    The Australian Oil and Gas Exhibition

The dynamic group enabled a wealth of information to be distributed to the general public, highlighting the opportunities for growth in Western Australia's oil and gas sector.

Decommissioning was a special focus this year with a range of expert speakers as part of the plenary with a new Decommissioning Zone technical programme. This new feature introduced attendees of the increased importance of this area, proving further invested interest beyond North Sea based activities. You can read more about why decommissioning was introduced to Offshore Europe 2017 for the first time in the show’s history here.

Chaired by Catherine MacGregor, president of Schlumberger’s drilling group, the show featured presentations from leading figures in the industry including BP CEO Bob Dudley; Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben Van Beurden; Petrobras’ chief exploration and production officer, Solange Guedes; Exchequer Secretary to the UK Treasury; among 11 keynote panel sessions, dozens of technical presentations, business breakfasts and topical lunches.

With nearly 200 new exhibitors included on the show floor, and a total of 44 countries represented by those exhibiting, Offshore Europe attracted delegates from 100 countries. The provided Western Australia with further exposure to a range of networks to better communicate and demonstrate the multitude of investment opportunities available. 

It was a very successful exhibition for all involved, Offshore Europe 2019 will be an event not to miss.

More information:

For further information on Western Australia's oil and gas sector and how our office can assist your busines, please contact Stuart Russell on

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