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Make a difference – Study Enrolled Nursing in amazing Perth, Western Australia


All photos courtesy of Tourism WA

Kat's Story: " Nursing is about sharing your knowledge, care and love. This course made me realise how important people's lives are from different aspects and helped me achieve great results in putting all the theory into practice. Many thanks to all the staff and fellow students at TAFE Western Australia.”

Kat wanted a career where she could make a meaningful contribution to people’s lives but she was also eager to travel, so she chased both dreams by enrolling in the Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing) at TAFE Western Australia.

Western Australia is a growing state, and in recent years, billions of dollars have been invested in expanding the health system, including the building of new world class hospitals and health care facilities. This makes Western Australia a great place for nurse training and with its close links to industry, TAFE Western Australia gave Kat access to some of the top experts in healthcare who taught her the latest skills and knowledge.

But this course also gave Kat a great excuse to spend a year in beautiful Perth, the seventh most liveable city in the world (EIU, 2016).   

Perth is a big city, but smaller and a lot more laid back than Melbourne, Sydney and London. People like to spend long days relaxing in the sun, swimming, surfing, playing sport, eating out, bushwalking, the list goes on. Perth is so close to nature you can even snorkel off coral reefs and swim with dolphins at some of the city’s 19 white sand beaches. Or for something a bit more ‘cultural’, party at one of Perth’s famous beachside ‘Sunday Sessions’.

Another upside is that the cost of living in Perth is now more affordable than Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide (The Economist, 2016). With higher average wages in Western Australia for part-time work, and better part-time job prospects than university students, TAFE Western Australia students can use part-time work to cover their living and entertainment costs.

After a year of study and soaking up the Western Australian sun, Kat has a qualification that makes her stand out from the crowd and memories she will never forget.

TAFE Western Australia

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