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Post-Event coverage: Tech Australia 2018 in London

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On 12 June we co-hosted Tech Australia 2018 with our fellow State Governments, Austrade and Australia-UK Chamber in London.

$850 million of venture capital was invested in Australian startups in the 2017-18 financial year, which is a new record for the local ecosystem.

On 12 June the Government of Western Australia’s European office co-hosted Tech Australia 2018 with the State Governments of New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland as well as Austrade and the Australia-UK Chamber of Commerce at Australia House in London. 

It was an insightful evening exploring the fantastic opportunities in Australia and also talking about the Australian startups spreading their wings in the UK and Europe.

Matthew Hart from Western Australia’s startup company Soter Analytics did an excellent job pitching their HealthTech innovation at the Rapid Session before an audience of UK tech journalists, entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalist.  To read our interview with Matt please click here.

A panel with members and startup founders including Craig Blair, Founder of AirTree Ventures and Anna Wallace, Head of Innovation of the Financial Conduct Authority discussed practical tips for moving between the UK and Australian markets which is now becoming significantly easier with the UK-Australia FinTech Bridge.  To view a video of the successful event click here

According to the latest Venture Pulse report from KPMG almost $850 million of venture capital was invested in Australian startups in the 2017-18 financial year, which is a new record for the local ecosystem.  The report highlighted Australia’s prowess in AgTech, stating that there are innovative solutions coming out of Israel, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. There are also potential synergies between the countries in this area.  

Ben van Delden, Head of Agtech & Markets, KPMG Australia said:
"As governments and NGOs strive to ensure they have sufficient food and water for their people, and meet their environmental stewardship obligations, we expect to see interest in agtech grow significantly and more VC activity.

“The rise of agtech activity and accelerators in Australia is creating more local agtech investment opportunity, which we expect to lead to more deal activity in the second half of 2018 and beyond.”

One Western Australian startup in the AgTech sector is SWAN Systems. Please click here to read the full interview with SWAN Systems founder Ivor Gaylard who is currently based at Australia’s Landing Pad in Tel Aviv. 

Opportunities in Europe

Are you a WA startup looking for opportunities in Europe, the UK or Israel? Our office can assist introducing you to contacts, networks and provide you with market intelligence. Please contact Trade & Investment Manager Charlotta Andresson at for more information.

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