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wine tasting 2016wine tasting 2016

The Government of Western Australia European Office hosted their annual Western Australian Wine Tasting on Thursday 6th October 2016, in the Exhibition Hall at Australia House, London.  

"Western Australia is where it is all going to happen over the next 25-30 years" James Halliday 

More than 100 trade and 200 consumers discovered the diversity of wines produced in Western Australia at this free-pouring event in Australia House, London. With 38 Western Australian wineries participating, together with their UK distributors, more than 130 wines were provided. Westpac sponsored the popular event, providing a Qatar Airways door prize of two return tickets to Perth, Western Australia, won by Mr Hamish Findlater.

The event was hosted by Agent General, John Atkins who welcomed guests, including Oz Clarke, British wine editor, television presenter and broadcaster and David Hughes of DH Wine Consultancy. 

Mr Atkins paid tribute to Thomas Waters, a botanist and First Fleet settler, who first planted vine cuttings near Guidlford on the banks of the Swan River and produced the first crush in 1834.  Western Australia now has nine established wine regions including the oldest established regions of the Swan Valley and Margaret River, the latter well known for its wine and surf, as well as the picturesque Great Southern.

Mr Atkins said, "The quality of Western Australian wine can vouch for itself. It can regularly be found in bars and Michelin star restaurants in London. It is also the winner of many awards at well regarded wine shows, such as the International Wine Challenge, the Decanter World Wine Awards and the London International Wine Fair."

"Around 70 per cent of Western Australia’s wine is exported, which means it is easily found all around the world and it is a great ambassador for the State, where it punches well above its weight with its contribution to the national economy."

"While Western Australia has only 11% of Australia's population, it is responsible for 48% of the nation's exports and even though Western Australia produces less than 3 % of Australia’s wine, it is responsible for around 30 per cent of Australia’s premium wine.  It is this strong focus on premium wine, with the accompanying reputation for quality that has helped build a healthy reputation for the State’s wines worldwide."

Wineries and wine distributors interested in participating in the event next year should contact the European Office as below. Please note that this tasting is only for wineries already in market.

The Wine Tasting booklet can be viewed from this link >

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