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Western Australia
What the big state do for you

The State of Western Australia is a world-leading minerals, energy and agricultural economy, with abundant natural resources. It is situated in the same time zone as 60% of the world’s population, which in turn is responsible for 40% of world GDP. It shares the same business hours as key international markets throughout the Asia Pacific region and its geographical position on the Indian Ocean Rim gives the State a strategic advantage to those seeking a gateway to the high growth Asian and Pacific regions.

Significant business advantages

There are significant business advantages to investing and working in Western Australia. The recent Fraser Institute Survey ranks it as the top jurisdiction in the world for investment in mining based on its Investment Attractiveness Index.

Another major drawcard for businesses, residents, students and visitors alike is the State’s unbeatable lifestyle. Perth is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities and is the sunniest capital city in Australia, averaging eight hours of sunshine daily.

Western Australia covers a land area of 2.5 million square kilometres with a population of 2.57 million, estimated to rise to 3.27 million by 2026. It is Australia’s largest exporting state, accounting for 43 per cent of Australia’s merchandise exports in 2014-15.

‘Per capita, GSP was A$96,475, 42 per cent higher than the national average’

The State’s gross state product (GSP) was A$249 billion in 2014–15, contributing 15 per cent of Australia’s gross domestic product (GDP). Per capita, GSP was A$96,475, 42 per cent higher than the national average. The Western Australian Department of State Development Monthly Economic Report is accessible here.

The Government of Western Australia European Office is located in London and under the Agent General is a team of highly-skilled and proactive officers working across the priority areas of: diplomatic representation; oil, gas and energy; minerals; defence and transport; infrastructure and tourism investment; agriculture; food and beverage; education, science, innovation and technology; and skilled migration, international student recruitment and health professional recruitment.

The state is a world leader in mining equipment

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