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Perth is the perfect destination to study while enjoying great weather, lifestyle and pristine beaches.

For the past 13 years, rated as one of the world’s top most liveable cities (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2004-2017)

The cost of living in Perth is cheaper than in other major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane! (Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, The Economist, 2016)

Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is the sunniest capital in Australia with clear, blue skies 70% of the year!

Ranked in the top 10% of 2015 world cities for quality of life (Mercer, 2012)

Home to some of the best beaches in the world! (TripAdvisor 2014)

Rated in the top 30 Best Student Cities in the World (QS, London. 2012-2013)

Rottnest Island, located off the coast of Western Australia, ranked No.1 in the list of top Australian destinations (The Australian, 2014)

The Margaret River Region is famous for world-class surfing and wineries

44% of international students in Western Australia work part-time with an average wage of $19.70 per hour

Perth has a vibrant restaurant and food scene with more than 100 restaurants and pubs opening in the past two years

Closest Australian capital city to Europe. As of March 2018 the first Australian city by direct flight from London!

Short flight to tourist hotspots such as Bali, Thailand and Singapore

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