Bringing a Western Australian perspective to European Hydrogen Week

With Europe pressing ahead in its ambitions of being a global leader in green hydrogen use and technology, it was with great pride that Western Australia was invited to participate in an international panel on global co-operation.

This was the first time that the Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCHJU) and European Commission-delivered event, took place over a week-long programme. It was also the first occasion that it included an event dedicated to international co-operation, signifying the growth of the hydrogen sector and the importance of international collaboration.  

Indeed, the European Commission and several European hydrogen strategies recognise that it will not be possible to meet climate targets and hydrogen consumption targets without importing hydrogen.

“Western Australia has the ambition of being amongst the top exporters of hydrogen globally and to be recognised as a safe, reliable, secure and sustainable partner,” Senior Trade and Investment Manager, Joe Doleschal-Ridnell told the audience.

“Sustainability is absolutely critical – we wouldn’t be here talking now but for the imperatives of meeting climate targets, so we need to make sure that our hydrogen production is meeting both domestic and international greenhouse gas reduction efforts.”

With amongst the best solar and resources in the world, land to house the requisite infrastructure and a proud history of being a reliable and efficient energy and resources exporter, Western Australia is well placed to meet European demand with large volumes of hydrogen produced from affordable renewable energy.

There will of course be competition from other nations intent on large-scale export, notably Morocco and Chile. There is an opportunity for the first mover who can produce at scale and low-cost to capture strong market share, given the lack of alternative producers and infrastructure to move hydrogen across significant distances and in large volume.

As well as being a potential market for hydrogen, Europe will play an important role in the development of the Western Australian sector through technology transfer, systems design and engineering expertise, investment, and policy learnings.

The advice for companies interested in the Western Australian market was to act early.

“You want to be known to Government and local industry well before tenders are released. It’s vital to understand your competitive advantages and to perform market analysis on whether there are opportunities to partner with local partners in delivering your product.”

If you are a European company interested in exploring the Western Australian market, or are based in WA and wanting to engage with Europe, please get in contact with Joe Doleschal-Ridnell.