Western Australia has an innovative, export-oriented economy specialising in minerals, oil and gas, and agriculture.

WA accounted for 46% of Australia’s merchandise exports in 2019

Minerals and petroleum accounted for 94% or $170.9 billion of WA’s merchandise exports in 2019

WA represents just 5% of Australian production but more than 20% of national premium wines

WA boasts 12 500 kilometres of coastline and its immaculate blue waters are home to a diverse marine life

Sector opportunities

Western Australia is an export-oriented economy specialising in minerals and oil and gas with its capital city Perth supporting the State’s resources industry with a growing mining and petroleum equipment and technology services industry.

The State’s primary industries cover agriculture, aquaculture (including pearls, fish, abalone, mussels, marron, yabbies), tree crops and fisheries.

With a wine history dating back to 1840 Western Australia has earned a reputation as being a producer of premium wine that rivals other regions around the world. Its nine wine regions produces just 5 per cent of Australian wine production but more than 20 per cent of the national fine wines.

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