Western Australia boasts a competitive, flexible and resilient defence industry with a long and successful history, outstanding infrastructure and a very bright future.

Western Australia has been identified by the Federal Government as one of two strategic locations for naval and commercial shipbuilding, upgrade, maintenance, and sustainment. Its location positions it as an ideal gateway to the Indian Ocean region and emerging international defence markets.

The State has strong advanced manufacturing capabilities supported by universities and other research institutions that are at the forefront of the next generation of defence technologies.  Combined with the offshore oil and gas industry, WA’s strength in defence subsea technology make it an ideal location for multi-sector subsea research, development, and industrial support.

Western Australia has world-class marine infrastructure, a highly skilled workforce and has experience with large-scale complex engineering projects.

WA is presently home to about 180 companies with direct defence contracts with over 4,000 people in the State employed by the defence industry and related companies.

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Mr John Langoulant AO

Mr John Langoulant AO

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