The engine room of Australia’s economy, making it the ideal place to trade.

Western Australia has an innovative, export-oriented economy specialising in minerals, oil and gas and agriculture. The State has excellent Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) as well as energy-related Petroleum Equipment, Technology and Services (PETS) companies.

WA’s largest export market in 2019 was China, followed by Japan and the United Kingdom (at $12.4 billion or 7per cent). 82 per cent of Australia’s exports to the United Kingdom came from WA.

WA’s distinct climatic conditions, along with available land and water resources, enable year-round production of agrifood, fisheries and aquaculture products, including a viticulture industry showcasing world-class wines.

The State has sophisticated and modern supply chains across all its export industries, including efficient and secure storage and transport infrastructure and the added benefit of proximity to key Asian markets.