Western Australia is rich in life and opportunity making it the ideal place to invest.

Western Australia’s highly skilled workforce, abundant resources sector, and sustained investment in economic infrastructure provides the foundation for competitive strengths in a number of key industries including energy, mining, technology, space, education, health, agriculture and defence. 

WA’s capital city Perth has transformed drastically over the past decade with billions of dollars invested in luxurious international hotels, attractive sporting and entertainment venues, museums, airport upgrades and other commercial developments. 

Perth is the only Australian capital city that is contactable with the UK and Europe during overlapping business hours, which allows for crucial person-to-person contact, real-time problem solving and the opportunity for businesses to remain connected 24 hours a day.

The outstanding education institutions in Perth, home to five world-class universities, are also driving the economic activity and providing a strong talent base. 50,000 international students choose Perth as an education destination each year.

The riverside city has an idyllic climate averaging 9 hours of sunshine per day and offering an enviable lifestyle as it continually tops ‘most liveable cities in the world’ lists. National Geographic, the New York Times, Conde Nast and Forbes all listed Perth as the top city travel destination in 2019.

Western Australia is no doubt the place to trade, invest, work, study and live in. 

The WAGO office in London works to actively support your business by:

  • Bilateral trade assistance, offering businesses to connect both with Western Australia’s key industry ecosystems as well as these in Europe, UK and Israel.
  • Supporting global exhibitions and conferences that promote Western Australia’s industry capabilities and sector opportunities.
  • Hosting international delegations and visits both outbound from Western Australia to Europe, UK and Israel and inbound from mentioned regions to Western Australia.
  • Developing strong international collaboration networks and opportunities between Western Australia, UK, Europe and Israel.
  • Collating marketing intelligence both in Western Australia and in our covered regions UK, Europe and Israel.