Create Something Awesome: Spacecubed (and now Flux)

With two locations in Perth’s CBD, Spacecubed and Flux provide excellent coworking spaces founded by Brodie McCulloch, Managing Director.

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A shortage in bricklayers, a growing population world-wide and technological advancement. It was a combination of these factors that led to the development of a bricklaying robot.

Spacecubed is a Social Enterprise, designed to support 20,000 Startups, Entrepreneurs and Corporate Innovators by 2025. Based in Perth CBD they offer tailored spaces, events, programmes and a curated community to small businesses, sole traders, corporates and entrepreneurs.

We spoke to Brodie McCulloch, the Founder and Managing Director of Spacecubed and the new addition, Flux.

Tell us a bit about Spacecubed.

Spacecubed is a coworking community connecting forward thinking members that are ambitious and striving for positive change. We facilitate collaboration opportunities through our events, programs, mentoring, and an online platform.

The Spacecubed community was established in 2012 and has since grown to connect over 1000 change-driven members. Spacecubed has a range of local, national and international companies that use the various spaces as their offices, meeting rooms and event spaces. The instant community and network means members can hit the ground running in Perth no matter what they are working on.

What exciting startups have you seen coming through Spacecubed?

Spacecubed is a partner of Plus Eight, a startup accelerator which invests in great founders, ideas and teams. Quizjam, a growing startup who joined FLUX through the Plus Eight accelerator program, has since become a permanent member.

Quizjam is a cloud-based engagement platform that teams use to educate, brands use to connect, sports use to engage, communities and NFP’s use to raise money, and its players use to take on the world.

We are seeing a range of companies now scaling up their solution as they find a good fit with customers and build the spaces and programs to support that growth.

Do overseas companies use Spacecubed and Flux?

Spacecubed has many international members that see the value in connecting their staff to a community that can support them, especially when they may be working on their own or in a small team. International companies also like the flexibility of what the various spaces offer as they can grow and shrink their team as their projects require.

Some examples of overseas companies using Spacecubed and FLUX include; Eliis, an international company that provides software solutions in seismic interpretation with offices in the US, France and China, who uses FLUX as the base for their Perth team. Vitality Works, who provide Workplace Health Services across Australia and New Zealand. And George P Johnson, a top event and experiential marketing agency, who has one of their 30 worldwide offices in Perth, at FLUX.

What do you think Perth startups do better than startups in other cities?

Perth startups have to have a very clear value proposition from day one, as the small local market size means it’s critical to understand how they deliver value and be confident in their pricing. We are seeing that companies are able to do well if they are selling business to business, however consumer focused companies are needing to plan for national or international growth from day one as there just isn’t the population to support their business locally.

There has been significant growth in the corporate accelerator space, any interesting corporate tie-ups happening at Spacecubed and Flux?

We have seen increased growth in the number of corporates who are looking to “spin out” their new ideas and innovate their existing business. This has been approached in a number of ways, from taking project space for teams, funding startups that are of interest to the company or that they see as a disruptor, or through hackathons to introduce opportunities and challenges to startups.

We have seen real success from building Industry Specific Hubs. These are focused areas on Resources Technology, Agtech, Social Impact and Fintech. These hubs colocate corporates, startups, researchers and other industry contributors to provide focused support, events and mentoring to move ideas forward more quickly.

Any interesting or exciting plans for the future?

We have just finished doubling the space we have in the Perth CBD to 5000sqm and we are now talking with members about what other support they need through not just space, but programs and events as well.

Spacecubed has recently signed a partnership with the Australian Graduate School of Management to host their Perth MBA students at FLUX, which will make all of their Perth students part of the Spacecubed community. 2018 will also be focused on growing our social impact programs with enterprise skill development, and our hackathons with a number of Schools in Perth and across regional WA. We see this as very important as the earlier we can embed these skills in students the quicker they can start working on their ideas.