First Nations designs on the runway during London Fashion Week

On 19 September 2023, the Exhibition Hall within the Australian High Commission was transformed to celebrate the rich culture, design and innovation of our First Nations people.

Claire Toms by Claire Toms,

Hosting, Australia House’s inaugural First Nations Fashion and Art Show, coinciding with London Fashion Week, the Western Australian Government supported the delivery of the event showcasing First Nation’s culture, art and design on the global stage.

The delegation, led by CEO of Kirrikin Australia Amanda Healy presented an engaging and immersive experience for guests to celebrate the rich First Nation’s history and culture through art and design. The delegation held significant representation from Western Australia, with Brad Collard providing the acknowledgement of country, and Ash Penfold playing the yidaki and mesmerising the audience through dance. The impressive line up of models included Western Australian models; Rex Strickland, Shannon McGuire and Lilly Collard.

The evening brought together an impressive line up of guests including designers, fashion industry leaders and a writer from British Vogue magazine. With the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement in full force, First Nation’s artists and designers are supported through commitments including royalties provided to Australian artists where their artworks are resold in the UK. For the Western Australian Government, the advancement of tourism, events and creative industries is a key pillar for the diversification of the State’s economy. The Western Australian Government Office in London looks forward to supporting those First Nations businesses, along with any other businesses in the creative industries sector to advance their market ready commercial interests to the UK and Europe region.   

Photos courtesy of Australian High Commission, United Kingdom