Western Australian exporters look to the United Kingdom for new markets

This quarter marked 100 days since entry into force of the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Over this period there has been pleasing interest in the provisions of the Free Trade Agreement, with some new to market companies benefiting from the eliminated tariffs brought about by the implementation of the Agreement.

Claire Toms by Claire Toms,

In July 2023, Agent General John Langoulant AO was pleased to deliver a webinar convened by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to share the UK market opportunities for Western Australian exporters looking to markets within the United Kingdom. Along with former UK Consul General in Western Australia, Tina Redshaw, Deputy Director General, Paul Isaachsen, the Agent General addressed almost 50 attendees on the significant opportunity for WA producers to explore and access the UK markets, through the provisions contained within the free trade agreement. With eliminated tariffs, mobility provisions, and streamlined customs processes there has been no better time to export Western Australian product to the UK market.

The Agent General also had the opportunity to hear from businesses first hand who were leveraging opportunities contained within the FTA. In what was a terrific achievement in August 2023, Western Australian business Australian Rare was Australia’s first honey to enter the luxury food section of Harrods. Showcasing an outstanding product, sourced from one of the world’s most biodiverse regions, the South West corner of Western Australia, the honey boasts qualities including being; 100% raw, chemical free, ethically sourced and sommelier selected. All the best to Australian Rare in the lead into Christmas as they seek to present a unique luxury gift offering in the Harrods marketplace.

Wine is another beneficiary of the FTA, and the Office was delighted to be invited once again to the annual Matthew Jukes 100 Australian Wines, this time for its 20th edition! The evening brought together; the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, The Honourable Stephen Smith, Deputy Head of Mission Elisabeth Bowes and 300 dignitaries, wine press, buyers, winemakers and Aussie wine representatives.  The Agent General John Langoulant AO, Ms Sally Janssen, Business Development Manager who is responsible for Western Australian Wines in the Office and Claire Toms, Trade & Investment Manager were lucky enough to be invited to join this distinguished group of people. 

Western Australia was exceptionally well represented through the report, with Margaret River Wineries; Leeuwin, Cullen, Howard Park, Xanadu, Moss Wood, Vasse Felix and McHenry Hohnen showcased. The Great Southern Region also held myriad spots in the report with; Harewood Estate, PlanB!, Swinney, Robert Oatley and Larry Cherubino showcased. And in case there was any doubt, Western Australia stole the show with Western Australia winery Cherubino Wines awarded Winery of the Year.  Matthew will be in Western Australia in October 2023 as an international guest judge at the 2023 WA Good Food Wine Guide Wine Awards.  Enjoy WA Matthew and we hope you get to taste lots more great western Australian Wines who don’t export to this market….yet!